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At-Home Vaginal Microbiome Screening

Understand your risk of vaginal infections like thrush or BV, STIs, fertility implications, and other gynae health complications using a non-invasive at-home tampon screen.
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Your gynae health, deciphered

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Detect bacteria that cause vaginal infections like thrush and BV

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Understand your risk of contracting STIs and UTIs

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Check for microbes that make it more difficult to conceive

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Determine if your IVF cycle is less likely to be successful

Wait, the vaginal micro-what?

The vaginal microbiome is the ecosystem of bacteria, yeasts and other microorganisms that live inside your vagina. When its balance is off, it’s vulnerable to infections and other gynae health complications.
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Tampons do it better

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Tampons take better, more accurate samples than a standard swab
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They allow for comfortable, at-home testing
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Forget the pain of fumbling with a pokey swab
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Complete with an applicator designed for pain-free and smooth insertion

How does the screening work?

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Get a kit delivered to your door

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Activate your kit online by answering our medical questionnaire

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Collect and ship back the tampon sample to our partner lab

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Get easy to understand results online

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Connect to vetted specialists and request treatment

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Not just results. Get personalised care and treatments too.

Getting screened with us means never meeting dead-end results. We offer specialist aftercare, tailored to you.
Request treatment for common vaginal infections like thrush and BV
Easily schedule virtual & real-life appointments with vetted specialists
Get personalised lifestyle hacks based on your results to boost your health
You can always get a PDF copy of your results to share with your doctor
Aftercare options are subject to availability in your area. Additional fees are payable for some of these services. You can book and pay for them through our website. The image is used for illustrative purposes only.

See our Founder’s results!

Wondering what we test for, and what results look like? Enter your email below and Valentina, our Founder, will send you her screening report.
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Get a 360° look at your vaginal flora

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These are the good bacteria in your vaginal microbiome, responsible for warding off infections. Low numbers of them can predict different issues.
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Candida is a fungus which affects 75% of women. It is the most common cause of yeast infections like thrush.
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These microorganisms are the culprit behind infections like bacterial vaginosis (BV).
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These are bacteria that can cause inflammation in the lower urogenital tract and, according to studies, can affect fertility.

Got an infection that keeps coming back?

Mainstream treatments for BV and thrush put women at a high risk of recurrent infections. Lactobacilli work by strengthening the vaginal microbiome so it can fight infections all by itself.

Who is the screening for and how often should you do it?

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